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Coverage Opinions
Effective Date: November 20, 2019
Vol. 8 - Issue 10
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Declarations: The Coverage Opinions Interview With John Grisham
I had the thrill of interviewing John Grisham about his latest thriller – The Guardians. A burned out public defender travels the country seeking to get the wrongly convicted exonerated. Over breakfast he shared with me how he tells a fictional account of a real life problem.

Thanksgiving Special: Keeping The Turkey Safe
Encore: The Coverage Opinions Interview With Brian Rodgers
Director of Safety and Risk Management for Butterball

Has anyone ever choked on that little plastic thermometer that pops up to tell you when the bird is ready to come out of the oven? I've always wanted to know that. So I asked
Butterball's Director of Safety and Risk Management.

Why You MUST Watch This Year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!!
Best Coverage Opinions Artwork Ever

Randy Spencer's Open Mic
Insurance Coverage For Pants Snug In The Waist

Encore: Randy Spencer's Open Mic
Insuring Your Thanksgiving Fouls
One Of My All-Time Favorite "Open Mic" Columns

Finally: Insurance Key Issues – Half Price Sale!

The Raccoon Sequel: Squirrels And Insurance Coverage
Meet "Hormone Hunter" - A Very Colorful Lawyer

Winners Of the Insurance Haiku Contest And Autographed Grisham Book

Is This Warning Sign Really Necessary?

Court Sanctions Insurer For Adjuster's Attendance At Mediation -- By Phone
What Does Attendance With "Settlement Authority" Mean?

$6 Million E-Mail Spoofing Claim: Professional Liability Policy Exclusion Does Not Apply

Passenger Injured By 2 Vehicles, 1 Second Apart = 2 Limits [More Than An Auto Case]

Supreme Court: Walking To Your Vehicle Is Not "Occupying" It (Really)

Court Teaches A Coverage Lesson From Porky's Cabaret's "Back To School Party"

Tapas: Small Dishes Of Insurance Coverage
• Insurer Can't Hand Over Limits And Bid Adieu-T To Defend 
• What Is A Consumer Protection Law For Purposes Of An Exclusion?

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