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Vol. 8 - Issue 10
November 20, 2019


Thanksgiving Special: Keeping The Turkey Safe  

Encore: The Coverage Opinions Interview With Brian Rodgers - Director of Safety And Risk Management For Butterball, LLC


Way back in November 2013, before you were probably a Coverage Opinions subscriber (and when I did insurance-related interviews), I spoke to Brian Rodgers, Director of Safety and Risk Management for famed turkey producer Butterball.  Who better to speak to, about avoiding the risks of Thanksgiving, than the man in charge of keeping the guest of honor safe! 

Has anyone ever choked on that little plastic thermometer that pops up to tell you when the bird is ready to come out of the oven?  I’ve always wanted to know that.  Of course I asked him.     

Check out my interview, talking turkey with Butterball’s Director of Safety and Risk Management.


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