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Coverage Opinions
Effective Date: November 5, 2014
Vol. 3, Iss. 15
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Declarations: The Coverage Opinions Interview With Oscar Goodman –
From Mob Lawyer To Mayor Of Las Vegas
The Real Most Interesting Man In The World
Only in America – and perhaps only in Las Vegas – could one of the greatest mob lawyers ever switch careers and become the mayor of a major city. Oh, and his wife is now the mayor. For Oscar Goodman, it has been a life very well lived.

Randy Spencer’s Open Mic
Las Vegas: The Wall Street Journal And A Call Girl

Mafia Property & Casualty Insurance Company
The mafia has an operation that isn’t much different from what insurance companies offer.

Viva Las Vegas: Elvis And Insurance Coverage
Coverage Opinions is excited to introduce its new celebrity endorser.

Frozen And Coverage Opinions
A star of the Disney mega-blockbuster reads Coverage Opinions.

The Real Ebola Epidemic: Insurance Articles
The number of victims of an illness should exceed the number of articles written about insurance implications for the illness.

Thank You Temple University Risk And Insurance Students
This is what happens when you give a lecture at a university on Halloween.

As The Policyholder Sees It: Carl Salisbury’s Ten Things He Really, Really Wishes Insurers Wouldn’t Do
Prominent policyholder counsel lists ten things that insurers sometimes do that make the claims process more complex and contentious.

New A.L.Idea: “Principles of the Law of Liability Insurance” To Now Be A “Restatement”
As a Restatement, the importance of the ALI project cannot be overstated.

Happy Halloween: How The ALI Restatement Could Be Scary For Insurers
A Halloween-related case that demonstrates how a possible ALI provision can lead to coverage for undeserving insureds.

Son Of “Sudden And Accidental”: Those Three Famous Words Now Starring In Construction Defect Coverage
See what happens when two behemoths of the coverage world – pollution exclusion and construction defect -- come face to face.

Must Read Voluntary Payments Case: Could Severely Limit The Defense (And A Possible Cyber Angle)
It is not often that you see the words must read and voluntary payments in the same sentence. This is one time.

The Curious Coverage Provision: Real Estate Manager As An Insured
The “real estate manager as an insured” provision gets a rare day out in the sun

When The Duty To Defend Doesn’t End
The rules that determine when an insurer’s duty to defend attaches are well-known. But in some states is may never un-attach.

“Arising Out Of:” The Policy Language That Cuts Both Ways
The phrase “arising out of” is interpreted broadly. Whether this is a good thing depends on the issue and which side of it you are on.

Tapas: Small Dishes Of Insurance Coverage News And Notes
· South Carolina [First Impression]: Prejudice Required For Pretender Defense Costs
· Texas Supreme Court Puts The Kibosh On Discovery Of Other Claim Files

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