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Coverage Opinions
Effective Date: August 20, 2014
Vol. 3, Iss. 12
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Declarations: The Coverage Opinions Interview With Jay Bilas – Duke Basketball Star And Coach, Lawyer, ESPN Broadcaster, Author
Defining Toughness; From Viral Article To Book; Getting Your Head Blown Up; Going One-On-One With The Fourth Circuit; Paying Student Athletes; On-Hold Music
Jay Bilas is the most knowledgeable person in America on the subject of college basketball. The Duke basketball star went on to become an assistant to the team’s legendary Coach K. Bilas then traded the ball for a microphone – spending the past 20 years as a college basketball broadcaster on ESPN. But Bilas isn’t all roundball. He has another noteworthy title on his resume – lawyer.

Randy Spencer’s Open Mic
The Chicago Vomit Clean-up Fee And Other Cities’ Warnings To Visitors

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Not Penny-Wise For The Insurance Industry
This bone-headed move by an insurance company unfairly reflects poorly of the entire insurance industry.

Not Every Man’s Best Friend: A Dog Bites (Mail)Man Story
Guest Author Lauren Kelly, Villanova School of Law 2L, J.D. Candidate 2016, takes a look at legal issues surrounding the cat and mouse game that has long-existed between mailmen and dogs.

A-L-I Opener: More On Chapter 3 Of The ALI Principles
When it comes to liability insurance, the availability of coverage is tied to the concept of fortuity. However, the ALI Principles seem intent on altering this cornerstone of a liability policy. Here’s a look at another draft provision that supports coverage for (very) intentional acts.

Opinion-aided: Courts Granting Policyholders Access To Outside Coverage Counsel’s Opinion Letters
There have been several decisions of late, from courts across the country, allowing policyholders to obtain the coverage opinions prepared for insurers by their outside counsel.

The Philosophical “Products Hazard” Case
This recent decision, addressing whether property damage comes within the “products-completed operations hazard,” has a certain chicken and egg feel to it. It is definitely one of the more interesting “products-completed operations hazard” cases.

15 Minutes (Fifteen Seconds, Really) Could Have Saved The Gecko More Than 15% On Car Insurance
A very un-Gecko like action by Geico causes the insurer to lose an important right under a policy. [Auto claim – but worth reading even if you do not do auto coverage work.]

Supreme Court Awards The Kitchen Sink For Insurer’s Breach Of The Duty To Defend
A Supreme Court slapped an insurer with consequences for breaching the duty to defend that are as harsh as any you’ll see.

PMA v. Aetna: Straight From The Horse’s Mouth: PMA’s Lawyer Still At It Nearly 60 Years Later
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently agreed to address PMA v. Aetna, a controversial decision that has been on the books for nearly 60 years. Meet the lawyer who handled the case six decades ago.

Tapas: Small Dishes Of Insurance Coverage News And Notes
Ewing’s Undoing’s Ungluing: Appeals Court Follows Ewing And Holds That Contractual Liability Exclusion Precludes Coverage For Construction Defect Claim

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