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Coverage Opinions
Effective Date: November 13, 2013
Vol. 2, Iss. 21
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Randy Spencer’s Open Mic:
The Most Interesting Insurance Man In The World

You’ve no doubt seen him in many commercials for Dos Equis beer. He’s gray-bearded and handsome, wears a smoking jacket, has a cigar between his fingers and is often seen with a beautiful woman on his arm. He is – The most interesting man in the world. Well, you may not know this (and I’m sure you don’t) but there is also a most interesting insurance man in the world.

Randy Spencer Appearing At Helium Comedy Club In Philly
Randy Spencer will be performing at Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia on Saturday November 23 and Sunday December 8.

Coverage Opinions Has A “New Coke” Moment
Problem Solved: Responding To The Complaints About The New Format For Coverage Opinions

I received a ton of e-mails about the new format for Coverage Opinions. Much of it was positive. But there was plenty of negative too. I explain what led to the new format, some readers’ dissatisfaction and, most importantly, the solution to the problem. You can now print the entire issue of Coverage Opinions with just one click.

Coverage Opinions Contest: Return Of The Best Contest Ever: Insurance Personalized License Plates
Far and away the most popular contest I’ve ever done has been to find the best insurance related personalized license plate. Imagine being stopped at a red light and the car in front of you has a license plate that reads L8NOTIC or DTY2DFN. You would instantly know that the driver works in insurance coverage – but very few others would. The insurance related personalized license plate contest is back! See the winners from March 2012. I am sure that Coverage Opinions readers will come up with some great ones.

Coverage Opinions’s Haunted Houses Liability Article Picked Up By Several National Media
Last issue’s haunted houses liability article grabbed the attention of some media and law blogs. That article was the subject of stories by Law360, The Wall Street Journal law blog, The ABA Journal tort law blog, Lexis, some legal blogs, including LawHaHa, and even a newspaper in the Philippines mentioned it. Check these out here.

Every Coverage Question Answered And Putting Every Coverage Lawyer In America Out Of Business
Attendees at the 7th White and Williams Coverage College in early October came expecting to learn some things about insurance coverage. But little did they know that they would leave with the answer to every coverage question possibly imaginable. How can this be? Easy. The White and Williams “Is it covered?” Magic 8 Ball. My apologies to the entire coverage bar for putting them all out of business.

Declarations: The Coverage Opinions Interview With Chris Amrhein
of InsuranceIsFun.com
The Insurance Website That You’ve Gotta See To Believe

Just its name – InsuranceIsFun.com -- has got to be enough to make you want to check it out. And when you do you won’t be disappointed. How many insurance websites sell coffee mugs, clocks, boxer shorts, t-shirts and clothing for your dog (and lots more) that say such things as “Bind me baby,” “Adjusters live in denial,” “Forget my exclusions. Let’s talk about your limitations,” “Insurance is fun. No really, it is,” and “Will bind for chocolate.” (And a bunch more). But selling fun insurance items is just part of this great website.

Late-r Notice: Decisions To Come
K.C. Royals’s Mascot, Sluggerrr, Back In Court

Sluggerrr, the Kansas City Royals mascot, has been embroiled in litigation on account of injuring a fan’s eye, during a September 2009 game, when the furry lion threw, behind his back, a four ounce foil wrapped hotdog into the stands. Sluggerrr’s legal ordeal was discussed in March as part of the Coverage Opinions Baseball Issue. Sluggerrr’s litigation is still going on. The case was recently argued before the Supreme Court of Missouri. The Phillie Phanatic filed an amicus brief.

Holy Mau: A New Kind Of Chinese Drywall Claim
Chinese drywall -- Litigation over the smell of a rotten egg, er, rolls on. There has been lots of coverage litigation in the past few years over various issues associated with Chinese drywall. But last week’s decision from a Florida federal court involved one that I had never seen before.

For Professional Liability Policies: One Of The Most Important Questions
How to define the term “wrongful act” in a professional liability policy is a significant issue when it comes to drafting such policies. This was recently on display before the Sixth Circuit.

Significant Decision: Another Way To Limit Construction Site Exposure
(Without Using An Endorsement)

Insurers have been taking various steps – via endorsements -- to attempt to limit their exposure for bodily injury claims on construction sites. The Eleventh Circuit just demonstrated a method for insurers to achieve this – and it requires no changes to standard policy language.

Guest Commentary: The Duty to Defend – Part III
The (Insurance) Legacy of Jerry Buss
By Joseph M. Junfola, CPCU, RPLU+, SCLA

In the third, and final, installment of his Duty to Defend series, Joe Junfola looks at an insurer’s right to reimbursement of defense expenses from its insured if it is determined that there was no potential for coverage as to some of the causes of action in a lawsuit, commonly known as a “mixed” action.

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