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The Current Issue
Vol. 2, Iss. 20
October 30, 2013
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Declarations: The Coverage Opinions Interview With Ralph Nader
His New Tort Museum, Views On Insurance And Telling Ralph Nader My Global Warming Joke

Should I or shouldn’t I? Should I or shouldn’t I? Should I or shouldn’t I? This is the question racing through my head about 20 minutes into my call with Ralph Nader.

Justice Scalia Responds To Judge Posner’s Interview In Coverage Opinions
Justice Scalia responds to Judge Posner’s statement, in the October 16th issue of Coverage Opinions, that he’d be happy to debate Justice Scalia on the judicial decision making process.

Randy Spencer’s Open Mic:
Sitting Down With Vince August – Six Weeks After The New Jersey Supreme Court Held That This Stand-Up Comedian Can No Longer Be A Judge

It has been six weeks since the New Jersey high court ended stand-up comic Vince August’s position as a part-time municipal court judge. I sat down with the stand-up comic to find out what’s been happening with him since then.

From Boo To Sue: Are Haunted Houses Liable For Scaring Their Visitors?
Do the usual duties imposed on property owners, to maintain a safe premises, apply when the premises are advertised as having, as their only purpose, to scare visitors? Can the visitor of a haunted house turn around and sue for injuries sustained in the process of getting what he asked (and paid) for? The Eerie Louisiana Factor.

Insurance Coverage Lawyer Gives Me The Tie Off His Neck
Anyone can give you the shirt off his back. But only a coverage lawyer will give you the tie off his neck.

Ruff Decision For Dog Walker: Florida Appeals Court
Tosses Far Fetched Argument For Coverage

Someone who did a nice thing for a dog is denied coverage for a freak accident.

Who Is “You”?: If “You” Is “Named Insured” Then “Additional Insured”
May Not Be Subject To Policy Exclusions

Can an Additional Insured, the party for whom very little premium, or maybe even none, was paid, get more coverage than a Named Insured.

Wrongful Eviction Coverage Has Its Rudy Moment
When it comes to “personal and advertising injury,” defamation and violation of the right of privacy are the homecoming king and queen. Wrongful eviction is the pimply-faced kid that knows how to thread the movie projector. Wrongful eviction coverage gets its day in the sun.

How Much To Pay Independent Counsel?: Panel Rate Or Higher?
Independent counsel says that the insurer’s “panel rate” is not a true “market” rate -- because panel firms agree to accept lower rates in exchange for a steady stream of business. A Colorado court addresses this.



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