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Coverage Opinions
Effective Date: May 7, 2014
Vol. 3, Iss. 8
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Declarations: The Coverage Opinions Interview With Justice Don Willett Of The Supreme Court Of Texas
Supreme Court At Age 39; No. 1 Judge On Twitter; A Glimpse At The Future Of The Judiciary; Thrown In The Deep-End; Austin Funkiness; The Most Important Liability Insurance Coverage Judge In America

Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett has over 5,500 followers on Twitter. He says that he is probably the most avid judicial tweeter in America and some have labeled him the most interesting public official on Twitter. That he was age 39 when appointed to Texas’s top civil court may have something to do with his social media prowess. Justice Willett was kind enough to engage in a written Q&A with Coverage Opinions. Justice Willett’s use of social media provides a look into the future of the judiciary.

Justice Don Willett:
The Most Important Liability Insurance Coverage Judge In America

If there were a ranking of important liability insurance coverage judges in America, someone would have to hold the top spot. If such a list really did exist, I believe that Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett would be deserving of it.

Randy Spencer’s Open Mic
Diet-Coke And Insurance Law Forever Change Your Trip To The Supermarket

Last week, in a case being closely watched by consumer groups and retailers, the Supreme Court of New Hampshire held that a six-pack of Diet-Coke counted as six items for purposes of the Fifteen Items or Fewer check-out lane in the supermarket.

OMG: The Strangest Pollution Exclusion Case You Have Ever Seen
When considering all of the substances that have been the subject of pollution exclusion cases, I now know what stands at the top of the strangeness mountain.

I See Dead People Causing Coverage Disputes
Usually it is circumstances causing death that then result in a coverage dispute. But sometimes death itself causes the circumstances that result in a coverage dispute. Despite death’s reputation for finality, the dearly departed have a way of continuing to contribute to insurance coverage jurisprudence.

Insured Entitled To Independent Counsel Even When Being Defended WITHOUT A Reservation Of Rights (Court Rejects ALI Draft Principle)
At the heart of all cases involving an insured’s right to independent counsel is that the insured is being defended under a reservation of rights. A federal court recently concluded that an insured was entitled to independent counsel – despite the fact that it was being defended by its insurer without a reservation of rights.

The Next Coverage Battle Looming?: Eliminating Coverage Under A “Standard” CGL Policy For Construction Site Bodily Injury Claims
Over the past few years insurers have been taking various affirmative steps, such as adding endorsements, to attempt to limit their exposure for bodily injury claims on construction sites. The Eleventh Circuit just provided (for the second time in six months) the roadmap for insurers to accomplish this. But here’s the most important part of the decision – it requires no action to be taken by insurers other than applying the terms of a standard and non-modified CGL policy.

“What Is A ‘Commercial General Liability Insurance’ Policy?”
A federal court answers whether “commercial general liability insurance” mean a primary policy?

Tapas: Small Dishes Of Insurance Coverage News And Notes
Pennsylvania Supreme Court agrees to hear significant bad faith issue

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