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Coverage Opinions
Effective Date: March 19, 2014
Vol. 3, Iss. 5
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Declarations: The Coverage Opinions Interview With Mark Geragos
His New Book; Celebrity Clients; Using The Media; Suing Insurance Companies; And Giving Him Fashion Advice

On Monday famed attorney Mark Geragos was scheduled to be in an L.A. courtroom representing his client, singer Chris Brown, who was arrested on Friday after allegedly being booted from a court-ordered drug rehab program. This stemmed from his 2009 plea to felony assault of then-girlfriend Rihanna. But on Saturday afternoon Geragos was busy with something else – jawing with Coverage Opinions about suing insurance companies and representing Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson And Insurance Coverage
My interview with Mark Geragos made me think of the article that I published in late 2009 in which I broke the story about a secret that Michael Jackson long kept – he had a burning desire to get into the insurance claims business. Check out the lyrics of “Beat It” that Michael had long-dreamed to sing.

Randy Spencer’s Open Mic: Appeals Court Interprets The “Coconut Exclusion”
[I Am Not Making This Up]

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all along comes a Louisiana Court of Appeals’s decision that addresses the applicability of the “Coconut Exclusion” in a commercial general liability policy.

Louisiana’s Doubloon-y Mardi Gras Statutes
Did you know that a statute is on the books in the Pelican State that grants immunity for injury caused by throwing “missiles” from a parade float? Louisiana court addresses the applicability of the statute to a blow-pop and cabbage tossed from a float.

Tapas: Small Dishes Of Insurance Coverage News And Notes
Court Sanctions Insurer Counsel For Exceeding Page Limit
The Biggest Insurance Coverage Case EVER

Four Leaf Cover: St. Patrick’s Day And Insurance Coverage
Over 50 years ago the Minnesota Supreme Court addressed coverage for a St. Patrick’s Day incident that is heartwarming.

Court Holds That “Medical Monitoring” Qualifies As “Bodily Injury”
The question whether so-called “medical monitoring” qualifies as “bodily injury,” for purposes of triggering coverage under a liability policy, is one that has long been asked. But despite the popularity of the question, there are very few cases, even nationally, that have answered it. The issue was recently addressed by a federal court in Kentucky.

Appeals Court: Is A Non-Profit “In The Business Of” Selling Or Serving Alcohol For Purposes Of The Liquor Liability Exclusion?
[Relevance To ISO’s New Liquor Liability Exclusion]

The Court of Appeals of Ohio recently addressed a novel issue concerning the applicability of a Liquor Liability Exclusion contained in a commercial general liability policy.

Glass Houses: Court Finds That Coverage Is Owed Despite Obvious Typo In Policy (Court’s Opinion Has Three Typos In It)
Insurance policies sometimes contain typographical errors. Usually it is a no harm—no foul situation. But see what happened when an Ohio trial court was confronted with a typographical error in a policy that altered its meaning -- but such altered meaning made no sense and the likely intended meaning was easy to see.

Insurer's Use Of “House Counsel” Need Not Be Stated In Its Policies
With a few exceptions, the practice by insurers, of using “house counsel” to defend their insureds, against third-party claims, is considered kosher. The Seventh Circuit addressed whether an insurer was now obligated to inform an insured, in its policy, that “house” counsel may be used.

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