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Coverage Opinions
Effective Date: June 25, 2014
Vol. 3, Iss. 10
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Declarations: The Coverage Opinions Interview With Dick Thornburgh,
Former United States Attorney General
A Distinguished Career; Who Killed JFK?; Major League Baseball Dropped The Ball; Pete Rose And The Hall Of Fame; The Giant Spoon; Legalizing Marijuana; Three Mile Island; Term Limits; What I Did For Summer Vacation
Dick Thornburgh served as Pennsylvania’s Governor for two terms and three years as United States Attorney General. He served in the Justice Department under five Presidents. The former U.S. Attorney General was kind enough to speak to Coverage Opinions about the serious and not so serious. In one word he told me what he thinks about insurance and his answer to my question who killed John F. Kennedy was quite interesting.

Randy Spencer’s Open Mic
Happy Half-Christmas: Talking Insurance Coverage With Santa Clause

You Won’t Believe This Case -- I Did Not Make This Up. Really.
I’ve been known to make up a decision now and then. But this one, from a New Jersey federal court, is real. I didn’t make it up because… I couldn’t.

World Cup: Soccer And Insurance Coverage
The World Cup is in full swing. So that can mean only one thing --
I ponder whether any coverage cases have centered around soccer.

Chillin’ With One Of The Biggest Insurance Celebrities Of Them All
What a thrill to hang with an insurance legend. And he gave me a very cool toy to give to some Coverage Opinions readers..

Federal Court Lists 10 Requirements For A Reservation Of Rights Letter
Is a reservation of rights letter simply a letter that calls itself a reservation of rights? Some courts have taken issue with such letters because there are not sufficiently specific. See the 10 requirements of a ROR that one federal court listed.

A Dog Bite Coverage Case Gets To A Supreme Court
Few of the coverage cases in the dog bite genre are from state supreme courts. This one was.

Court Looks For Fair Way To Interpret Golf Cart Coverage
Insurer Gets It Rough And Insured Gets The Green

Lots of courts have addressed whether golf carts are “autos” for purposes of liability and automobile policies. Here’s one that is atypical. And you might not believe the outcome.

ISO Pull Up A Stool: Federal Appeals Court Offers A Different Way To, Er, Draft A Liquor Liability Exclusion
The 2013 version of ISO’s commercial general liability policy involves some amendments to the Liquor Liability exclusion. The Sixth Circuit just offered one more thing that ISO may want to consider.

When The Duty To Indemnify Is Broader Than The Duty To Defend
When it comes to coverage principles this one is as black as coal: the duty to defend is broader than the duty to indemnify. But in Texas it can be a different story.

Boston Strong: Insurance Coverage Veteran Jim Wagoner Has A Story
You Need To Hear

Jim Wagoner of McCormick Barstow ran in the 2014 Boston Marathon. The 65 year old and 150 pound coverage lawyer did so while pushing his 241 pound disabled son in an 80 pound racing chair. Jim provides his incredible story here.

Tapas: Small Dishes Of Insurance Coverage News And Notes
· Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett At It Again – Most Important Liability Coverage Judge Wins Another Award
· Claim Is Made And Reported During Same Policy Period -- But Still Fails To Satisfy The Notice Requirements
· Why I Don’t Own A Stairmaster

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