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Coverage Opinions
Effective Date: November 7, 2018
Vol. 7 - Issue 8
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Declarations: The Coverage Opinions Interview With Michael Chertoff, Former Homeland Security Secretary, Et Al.
A Resume Like None Other; Living One L; Prosecuting Mobsters; 9/11 And The Order To Shoot; The Katrina Storm; New Book Looking At Cyber From A Unique Perspective
Michael Chertoff served as the nation’s second Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. He also clerked for Brennan, was a Big Law partner, prosecuted mobsters, played a role in the drafting of the Patriot Act and was a Third Circuit Judge. I visited the former Bush 43 Cabinet member at the D.C. office of his cyber security firm to hear about history from a man who made it -- as well as discuss his new book, which looks at data, privacy and cyber issues from a very unique perspective.

Randy Spencer’s Open Mic
Insuring Your Thanksgiving Fouls: Uncle Sam’s Drooling Saliva And The Turducken Fight

YeeHaw: You Won’t Believe Who Reads Insurance Key Issues

Insurance For Plaintiffs’ Attorneys Losing A Contingent Fee Case
Q&A With A Co-Founder Of Level Insurance On This Really Unique Product

Coverage Opinions Turns 6!

A Treat: The Wall Street Journal Published My Op-Ed On Halloween And The Law

New Album From Culture Club: Boy George Follows Coverage Opinions

Another “Ineffective ROR” Case: The Issue Insurers Cannot Ignore
Have Me Visit Your Office To Put On My “50 Item ROR Checklist” Seminar

In Memoriam: Jerry Oshinsky On The Passing Of Joe Tydings
U.S. Senator Turned Policyholder Coverage Lawyer

ISO Files Endorsements To Address Xia - Washington’s Adoption Of “Efficient Proximate Cause” For Liability Policies

Ryder Cup Fan Injury: Commenting To Golf.com On My Favorite Tort Case

Note To Policyholder Attorneys: How Not To Seek Fees (Do Not Miss This -- Trust Me)

Must Read For Insurers That Use A&B Exclusions – Court Finds It Ambiguous (For A Reason You Might Not Think)

3rd Circuit, Quoting Hogan’s Heroes, Says Pennsylvania Is Seriously “Four Corners”
How Exciting: Appeals Court Cites Insurance Key Issues In Reaching Its Decision

Wow!: Court Holds That Trade Secrets, Being Tangible Property, Are “Property Damage”

Unique Case: Is It A “Professional Service” When Injury Is Caused By A Product?

Is Failure To Deliver A College Degree “Property Damage”?

Tapas: Small Dishes Of Insurance Coverage
• Court Concludes That BitCoin Is Not “Money” Under A Homeowner’s Policy
• Employer’s Liability Exclusion Apples To a “Statutory Employee”

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