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Vol. 7 - Issue 8
November 7, 2018



Coverage Opinions
Turns 6!



I am excited to report that this issue marks the 6th Anniversary of Coverage Opinions. That’s the iron anniversary if you are thinking about a gift. I could use a new wok.

Six years of hardcore coverage, a look at the lighter side of the law, interviews with famous and unique lawyers, insurance contests, “Key Issues” plugs, dealing with Randy Spencer’s contract demands, the too-popular Coverage Opinions pen giveaway, Q&As with fellow coverage lawyers, Boy George following Coverage Opinions on Twitter (seriously), a picture of John Grisham reading his Coverage Opinions interview (CO’s high water mark) and random other stuff that I can’t exactly categorize. If there has ever been a labor of love in my career, this is it. As in all endeavors of this sort, on some days there is more of the former than the later. But, despite some challenges, I could not be happier with how things have gone for CO over the past six years.

Of course, there could be no six-year anniversary to mark if it were not for you – the dear Coverage Opinions reader. I can’t thank CO readers enough for taking the time to do so, despite having such busy schedules and being inundated with other newsletters, and the like, competing for their time. I also appreciate all of the reader mail that I receive – mostly positive, but sometimes taking me to task for something I said or didn’t say -- and that’s fine too. I am also lucky for the friendships that I have made with CO readers who reached out about something they saw. Please accept my sincere appreciation for enabling me to send a Coverage Opinions six-year anniversary announcement.

Comments, questions, criticism, hate mail, how’s my driving, ideas for making CO better -- I’m all ears. Please write to me at maniloff@coverageopinions.info


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