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Coverage Opinions
Effective Date: May 20, 2015
Vol. 4, Iss. 5
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General Liability Insurance Coverage – Key Issues in Every State
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My Wall Street Journal Op-Ed On Pacquiao—Mayweather Post-Fight Lawsuits
Just three days after the Pacquiao—Mayweather so-called “Fight of the Century,” the first (of many) lawsuits were filed by disgruntled fans on account of the impact of Pacquiao’s alleged late-disclosed shoulder injury. I had the honor of publishing an Op-Ed in The Wall Street Journal that looks at lawsuits brought by sports fans, whose expectations were not met.

Randy Spencer’s Open Mic
The Coverage Opinions Interview With Tom Brady

“Coverage For Dummies” Comes Early
Whoa! You Gotta See This. Perhaps The Greatest “Dummies” Case Ever

The Greatest Coverage Mysteries
There have long been issues that cause confusion or are mysterious among those involved with coverage. These are the issues where, if you ask five coverage professionals what something means, you’ll get more than one answer, perhaps some wrong answers and perhaps some I don’t knows. Here are the Greatest Coverage Mysteries that I have seen over the years.

I’m Not Lion: Court Holds That Cat Urine Not Precluded By Pollution Exclusion
Case More Enjoyable Than Cats

Lawyer Thinking About Work, On the Way To The Office, Is Not Working
Coverage Opinions Gets A Mention In The Wall Street Journal Law Blog

Emily Post Would Not Approve
He Really Said That? And Then That?

Insurance Drones: The Headline That Should Have Many Of Us Up In Arms

To Whom To Send Your Reservation Of Rights Letter
To which insureds should a reservation of rights letter be sent? Court shows the huge consequences of getting this wrong.

Federal Appeals Court Provides Detailed Discussion Of “Reverse Bad Faith”

Come On. Who Doesn’t Love A Good “Use Of An Auto” Case

Tapas: Small Dishes Of Insurance Coverage News And Notes
· Texas Supreme Court Blows Away Coverage For Hurricanes

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