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Coverage Opinions
Effective Date: March 18, 2015
Vol. 4, Iss. 3
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General Liability Insurance Coverage – Key Issues in Every State
The 3rd Edition Is Here!
Initial sales have been fantastic.
See for yourself why so many find it useful to have, at their fingertips, a nearly 800-page book with just one single objective -- Proving the rule of law, clearly and in detail, in every state (and D.C.), on the liability coverage issues that matter most.

Declarations: The Coverage Opinions Interview With Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Lawyer For The Water; John Q. Public v. John Q. Public Company; Kennedy’s Secret Ingredient; The Lone Gunman
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has spent a lifetime enabling guys in kayaks to take on huge corporations that are polluting waterways. He explained to me how the impossible sounding is achieved.

Randy Spencer’s Open Mic
Texting + Walking = :-(

Driverless Cars: The Real Insurance Issue
There has been a lot of talk lately about driverless cars. And it’s all silly.

Encore: The Springsteen-Quoting Coverage Case Judge Strikes Again
The last issue of Coverage Opinions discussed a Florida federal court judge who quoted lyrics from a Springsteen song in a coverage case. The Springsteen-quoting coverage case judge is back.

Report From The Rutgers Law School -- ALI Restatement Conference:
The Role Of Minority Positions In The Process

I attended the recent Rutgers Law School -- ALI Restatement of Liability Insurance conference. There was a lot said. But one sentence was the loudest.

Of Tanning Salons, Peeping Toms And Cyber Coverage
A recent decision has nothing to do with cyber coverage. And everything to do with it.

In A New York State Of Bind: Achieving Allocation Between Covered
And Uncovered Claims

Could this be the first New York case to say that, if an insurer doesn’t take some pre-emptive measure to achieve allocation between covered and uncovered claims, bad things will happen?

An Insurance Blue Moon: Coverage Owed For Sexual Assault -- “A Particularly Odd Set of Facts”
Coverage is rarely owed for sexual assault claims. It was here.

Breach Of The Duty To Defend And Forfeiture Of Coverage Defenses:
Not What You Are Thinking

While forfeiture of otherwise applicable coverage defenses is a harsh penalty for a breach of the duty to defend, there is a state where not following its duty to defend rules could be seen as even more severe.

Tapas: Small Dishes Of Insurance Coverage News And Notes
· This Insurer Is Not Man’s Best Friend
· Oh Lordy Lordy: I Can’t Believe This
· Colorado Supreme Court: No Prejudice Required For “Claims Made” Policy Breach

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