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Coverage Opinions
Effective Date: September 7, 2016
Vol. 5 - Issue 9
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Declarations: The Coverage Opinions Interview With Mark Lanier: Don’t Mess With Texas Plaintiff’s Attorneys
For Mark Lanier, $100 million+ verdicts no longer shock anyone. He even had one for $9 billion not long ago. He’s gone hunting with Scalia, played himself in a movie, gave John Grisham a story idea and had Bon Jovi and Sting perform at the firm Xmas party. But on Sundays it’s another story for the lawyer who could pass for a law student: he goes to church, where he is a teacher and sometimes pastor.

Alexander Hamilton: Lawyer At Your Service, Sir
The Lawyer Workin’ A Lot Harder, Bein’ A Lot Smarter And Bein’ A Self-Starter
Ron Chernow, whose Alexander Hamilton biography was the inspiration for the smash hit Broadway musical, encouraged me to write about the $10 founding father’s life as a lawyer. I don’t reject advice from Pulitzer Prize winners.

Randy Spencer’s Open Mic
The Absolute Dumbest Class Action Of All Time
Big News: Randy Spencer will be appearing at Dangerfield’s in New York City (Free Tix)

ACT NOW: Big Discount Ending Soon
General Liability Insurance Coverage: Key Issues In Every State

Coverage Opinions “Out And About” Page
See how much fun people can have with an insurance coverage newsletter

Nose Bite Litigation – This Is Snot A Joke

Coming Soon: White And Williams Coverage College Turns 10!
See Why Hundreds Travel From Across The Country For This FREE Event

Update From The Reporters On The ALI Restatement Of Liability Insurance
And A Chance For Newcomers To Get On Board

The Four Questions:
Why Is This Coverage Lawyer Different From All Other Coverage Lawyers?

Randy Evans: Coverage Lawyer And Political Insider

A Monster: Insurer Sasquashed: #1 Coverage Case Of 2016

ABSOLUTE MUST READ: Bad Faith: Turning $30K into $3M (And Easily Preventable)

Consequences For Breach Of The Duty To Defend

This Decision Should Really Trouble Lawyers

Court Upholds Very Broad Exclusions For A Construction Site Bodily Injury Claim

Supreme Court: Insurer Cannot Contract-Around “Notice-Prejudice” Rule

In A New York State Of Bind: Achieving Allocation Between Covered And Uncovered Claims [A First For New York?]

Tapas: Small Dishes Of Insurance Coverage
· The Wall Street Journal Tackles Construction Defect Litigation And Insurance
· Supreme Court Wishes Insureds “Good Luck” Understanding Their Policy
· California Supreme Court: This Could Be Big
· For My Pennsylvania Construction Defect Friends: Kvaerner Applies;
Indalex Does Not
· Location, Location, Location -- Does Not Matter

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