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Coverage Opinions
Effective Date: May 31, 2016
Vol. 5 - Issue 6
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Declarations: The Coverage Opinions Interview With Brendan V. Sullivan, Jr.
In 1987, nearly three-quarters of the United States watched on television as Brendan Sullivan represented Oliver North in the Iran-Contra hearings. Thirty years later the “Best Counsel Available” in Washington and D.C.’s “Toughest Lawyer” is still sitting next to clients in the government cross-hairs.

Randy Spencer’s Open Mic
Selfie Stick Injury: Insurer Writes Policy Covering Cell Phone Mishaps
Cross This Off One Comedian’s Bucket List

Congratulations Lauren Kelly: The Key To “Insurance Key Issues” 3d

Trump Puts “Most Important Liability Insurance Judge In America” On His List Of Potential Supreme Court Picks

The Four Questions: Why Is This Coverage Lawyer Different From All Other Coverage Lawyers?
David A. Gauntlett: Dean Of The “Coverage B” Bar

Starbucks Sued For Too Much Ice In Its Drinks

I’ve Never Seen This Before: Court Disallows Insured’s Personal Counsel: Could “Slant” Cases…Toward Coverage

Homer Simpson Moment: D’oh -- $30 Million -- What Could Have Been

U.S. Supreme Court – Yes SCOTUS – Asked To Hear A Bad Faith Failure To Settle Case

Judicial Disqualification: Crazy Facts In A Coverage Case

Common Law Marriage And Coverage (And Best Line Ever In A Coverage Case)

Must Read: What Drove This Appeals Court To Find Bad Faith Failure To Settle?

A Who’s Buried In Grant’s Tomb? Coverage Case

Unique “Claims Made” Case: Is A PowerPoint Presentation A “Claim?”

Tapas: Small Dishes Of Insurance Coverage
· Arkansas Supreme Court: Even Consequential Damages Do Not Make Faulty Workmanship An “Occurrence”
· Colorado Supreme Court: No Prejudice Needed For Voluntary Payment Disclaimer

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