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Coverage Opinions
Effective Date: September 26, 2018
Vol. 7 - Issue 7
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Declarations: The Coverage Opinions Interview With Tom Mesereau
The Unconventional Lawyer Representing Michael Jackson and Bill Cosby; Looking At The Man In The Mirror

Tom Mesereau successfully defended Michael Jackson against sexual molestation in 2005. Mesereau was less successful in his recent representation of Bill Cosby against sexual assault. On the eve of the King of Pop’s 60th birthday, I spoke to Mesereau about his remarkable career, which he attributes to being an unconventional lawyer and what he doesn’t see when he looks at the man in the mirror.

Randy Spencer’s Open Mic
Halloween Candy And Insurance Coverage

ALI Insurance Restatement
Four Potential Landmines For Insurers

Insurance Key Issues: This Is What Makes The Book Unique

Encore: Declarations: The Coverage Opinions Interview With Former, And Now Once-Again, Arizona Senator Jon Kyl

Encore: Tom Brady Speaks To Randy Spencer About Deflate-Gate

The Wall Street Journal Looks At Various New Insurance Products

Mind The Gap: Excess Insurer Obligated To Drop Down Despite No Primary Exhaustion

Another “Montrose Endorsement” Loss For An Insurer
The Trend Continues For Insurers

Marijuana Deal Goes To Pot: Leads To Interesting “Wrongful Eviction” Coverage Case

The Rarely Discussed Provision In The CGL Insuring Agreement

Interesting Look At The CGL Policy’s Definition of “Privacy”

Continuous Trigger For Construction Defects: This Is How Broad It Can Be

If Your Coverage Was Coppertone: Coverage Opinions In August: What You May Have Missed
• Ohio Legislature Says No To The ALI Insurance Restatement
• Most Insane Duty To Defend Decision I’ve Ever Seen
• Determining Covered Vs. Uncovered Claims: Court Slams The Door On One Insurer’s Effort
• First Court Decision Post-ALI Restatement Adoption

• Doobious Decision: Marijuana Coverage And An Issue I’ve Never Seen Before

• The Great Insurance Policy Mystery

Tapas: Small Dishes Of Insurance Coverage
• Judge Tells An Asbestos Riddle (Really)
• Court Declines To Apply Pollution Exclusion’s “Heating Equipment” Exception
• High Court Addresses Interesting “Other Insurance” Issue

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