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Coverage Opinions
Effective Date: December 7, 2016
Vol. 5 - Issue 12
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Declarations: The Coverage Opinions Interview With Philip Hirschkop
The Lawyer Quietly Making Noise For 50 Years
Loving: Just A Spoonful Of His Career

Philip Hirschkop was just one month out of Georgetown when he signed on to represent Richard and Mildred Loving, seeking to invalidate a Virginia statute that criminalized their inter-racial marriage. Three years later Hirschkop argued and won the case before the U.S. Supreme Court. Loving v. Virginia is now the subject of a major motion picture. Hirschkop’s career went on for 50 years and is astounding. I had the privilege of interviewing him about it.

Randy Spencer’s Open Mic
Court Holds A Mall Santa Liable: Damages Owed For Failure To Deliver A Toy Fire Truck

Encore: Declarations: The Coverage Opinions Interview With The Grinch Who Stole Insurance

My Hometown: Brian Roof: Practicing Insurance Coverage Law In Ohio

Great Stocking Stuffer:
General Liability Insurance Coverage: Key Issues In Every State

Top 10 Coverage Cases:

16th Annual Ten Most Significant Coverage Decisions Of The Year
The Selection Process

1. Skolnik v. Allied Property and Casualty Ins. Co. (App. Ct. Ill.)
Court Provides Roadmap For Policyholders To Navigate Around Numerous Exclusions

2. Westchester Surplus Lines Inc. Co. v. Keller Transport, Inc. (Mont.)
“General Aggregate” Not Defined: Supreme Court Says Insurer Obligated To Pay Its Limit--Twice

3. Templo Fuente De Vida Corp. v. National Union Fire Insurance Company (N.J.)
Late Notice: A Tale Of Two Cites: Supreme Court Adds A Third

4. Ramara, Inc. v. Westfield Ins. Co. (3d Cir.)
Four Corners…Yeah, But, There’s More To The Story

5. Southern Cleaning Service, Inc. v. Essex Insurance Company (Ala.)
Late Notice: Supreme Court Says Notice To Broker Could Be Notice To Insurer

6. General Insurance Company of America v. Walter E. Campbell Co. (D. Md.)
Court Disallows Insured’s (Yes, Insured’s) Personal Counsel: Could “Slant” Cases…Toward Coverage

7. Bamford, Inc. v. Regent Insurance Co. (8th Cir.)
What Drove This Appeals Court To Find Bad Faith Failure To Settle?

8. Harwell v. Firemen’s Fund Insurance Co. (Ill. Ct. App.)
Defense Counsel Does His Job -- And All Coverage Defenses Lost

9. ISO Adopts A New Designated Premises Endorsement To Respond To Recent Insurer Losses

10. J&C Moodie Props. v. V. (Mont.)
Not My Brother’s Keeper: Supreme Court Says One Insurer’s Defense Does Not Preclude Another’s Breach

Tapas: Small Dishes Of Insurance Coverage
· West Virginia High Court: No Coverage For Innocent Co-Insureds
· Arkansas Federal Court: Insurer’s Punitive Damages Exclusion Not Valid

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