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Coverage Opinions
Effective Date: September 13, 2017
Vol. 6 - Issue 7
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Declarations: The Coverage Opinions Interview With Ben Brafman
The Lawyer Who Pulls Rabbits Out Of Hats
New York magazine named Ben Brafman “Best Criminal Lawyer in New York.” For 40-plus years the lawyer who often refers to himself as a short Jewish guy has been triumphing in cases that looked like Hail Marys. When the most powerful people in the city that never sleeps get in trouble they turn to Ben Brafman. I had the privilege of spending an hour with its king of the hill, top of the heap criminal defense attorney. He explained to me why he has one of the hardest jobs in America.

Randy Spencer’s Open Mic
The Drone Coverage Case That Flew Out Of Nowhere

Encore: Randy Spencer’s Open Mic
The Gym, George Jetson and Insurance Coverage

ALI Restatement: White And Williams Hosting Major Industry Event At Its Annual Coverage College

ALI Restatement Not Final: But This Court Not Waiting For The Plus-Sized Performer To Croon

How Cow! Look Who’s Reading Coverage Opinions

Liquor Liability: Seeing It With My Own Eyes

And The Winners Are…
Insurance Coverage Personalized License Plate Contest Winners Announced

Getting Closer: 4th Edition Of “Insurance Key Issues”
An Early Look At The Numbers

Big Big News From ISO: The Organization Files A Professional Liability Policy
Is A Standard Professional Liability Form Finally Here?

Hurricane Harvey: Some Early Thoughts On Coverage

Insurance Applications: Insurers Confront The Other Kind Of Ambiguity

Court Holds That Stolen Property Is “Property Damage” Under A CGL Policy

Raising Geese In Your Family Room: Insurer Can’t Duck Its Duty To Defend

Policyholder’s Achilles Heel: Professional Services Exclusion And The Foot Massage Gone Awry

Tapas: Small Dishes Of Insurance Coverage
· Pollution Exclusion: Washington: Insurers See Red, Policyholders See Delicious
· WSJ: Courtroom Surprise: Fewer Tort Lawsuits
· Court Says Insurer Could “Dump And Run”
· Risk Retention Group Not Subject To New York’s Timely Disclaimer Statute

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