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Vol. 6, Iss. 7
September 13, 2017

Getting Closer: 4th Edition Of “Insurance Key Issues
An Early Look At The Numbers

Work is well underway on the 4th Edition of General Liability Insurance Coverage – Key Issues In Every State. Thank you for all of the e-mails asking when it will be out. Those really provide encouragement.

Given that there will be a three year gap between the 3rd and 4th editions, the number of cases addressed in the book, since 2014, is going to be huge.

The chapter on the Absolute Pollution Exclusion has 50 new cases. Duty to Defend – the critically important “4 corners vs. extrinsic evidence” issue -- is clocking in at over 70 new cases. And even the more obscure issue of “any” insured vs. “the” insured, and the impact of a “severability of insured” provision, has 35 new cases. And these numbers may still grow between now and final publication.

I’ll continue to provide updates on the publication date.



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