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Declarations: The Coverage Opinions Interview With The Honorable Jack Weinstein
The Legendary New York Federal Judge Still Doing It His Way At 97
At age 97, Judge Jack Weinstein has been serving on the Eastern District of New York for nearly 52 years. Before that he was RBG's evidence professor in law school and his name appears on the NAACP's brief in Brown v. Board of Education. Weinstein's work as a judge and scholar is well known. I traveled to Brooklyn for a different purpose -- find out what makes him tick. "Should I lie down on my couch?," the legendary jurist asked me.

Randy Spencer’s Open Mic
Insurance Coverage New Year’s Resolutions

At Last: Insurance Key Issues Back In Stock On Amazon!

Ten Most Significant Insurance Coverage Decisions Of 2018

Introduction: 18th Annual List Of The "Ten Most Significant Insurance Coverage Decisions Of the Year"
The "Top 10" Turns 18: Will Hopefully Move Out Of The House!

Keodalah v. Allstate Ins. Co. (Washington Court of Appeals, Review Granted)
Court Holds That An Insurance Adjuster Can Be Liable For Bad Faith
Guest Author: Paul Rosner, Soha & Lang, Seattle

Gilbane Building Company/TDX Construction Corp. v. St. Paul Fire & Marine Ins. Co. (New York Court of Appeals)
Court Rejects Additional Insured Coverage In A Commonly Sought Scenario

Northfield Insurance Company v. Ht. Hawley Insurance Company (New Jersey Superior Court Appellate Division)
Most Substantive Guidance In 56 Years On One Of New Jersey's Most Important Issues

McCain v. Promise House, Inc. (Court of Appeals of Texas)
Insurer Has Right To Settle. But Insured Refuses To Sign The Settlement Agreement: Now What?

American Law Institute Adopts The Restatement Of The Law, Liability Insurance
Four Potential Landmines For Insurers

Berry Plastics Corp. v. Illinois National Ins. Co. (7th Circuit Court of Appeals)
Court Opens The CGL Door To Coverage For Lost Future Profits

Atain Specialty Ins. Co. v. Reno Cab Co. (District Court of Nevada)
Court Provides An Answer To Attacking The Assault & Battery Exclusion

Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company v. Hollycal Production, Inc. (Central District of California)
First Decision On Coverage For Injury Or Damage Caused By A Drone (What To Make Of Policies With Drone Exclusions?)

Century Surety Company v. Andrew (Nevada Supreme Court)
Non-Bad Faith Breach Of The Duty To Defend Could Lead To Insurer Liability in Excess Of Limits
Most Significant ALI Restatement Case To Date

Moore v. GEICO General Insurance Co. (11th Circuit Court of Appeals)
One Insurer Settles A Claim. Can That Fact Be Used By A Different Insured, Against A Different (Non-Settling) Insurer, As Evidence Of Bad Faith?

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