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Coverage Opinions
Effective Date: March 20, 2019
Vol. 8 - Issue 3
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Declarations: The Coverage Opinions Interview With Leon Panetta
Leon Panetta has served as a member of the House, Chief of Staff to a President, Director of the CIA and Secretary of Defense. But it all started with a law degree. I spoke to Secretary Panetta about his remarkable career and time as a lawyer. Oh, and, by the way, would the nation's former top spy tell me if there are aliens at Area 51?

Declarations: The Coverage Opinions Interview With Nancy Abraham
Q&A With Real-Life Esurance Employee To Whom Dennis Quaid Says
To Send An E-Mail

You've no doubt seen the new Esurance television campaign where Dennis Quaid discusses the benefits of purchasing the company's insurance. Quaid ends one commercial by saying that, if you don't believe him, you can believe this Esurance employee who he introduces, Nancy Abraham. He invites viewers to send her an email at Nancy@esurance.com. Of course I did.

Encore: Randy Spencer's Open Mic
So, Not So Cute Now: Woman Uses Emojis And Gets Sued

Belated Happy Mardi Gras: Appeals Court Interprets The "Coconut Exclusion"

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Contest: Obscure Claims Under A CGL Policy
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Fill In Your Insurance Coverage Bracket: 64 Coverage Issues – Which Is The Most Interesting?

Geez, This Is Really Pathetic

The Wall Street Journal Looks At The History Of Insurance

Alaska High Court And A Lawyer's Advice On Dealing With A Bad Faith "Set-Up"
Gary Zipkin: From America's Coolest Coverage Lawyer To Its Hottest

Insurer Wins $15 Million From Its TPA For Mishandling A Policy Limits Demand

Does SIR Apply To First Layer Only Or All Excess Layers?

Court Addresses Coverage For Wile E. Coyote v. Acme Anvil Company Claims

Court Shows The Perils Of Withdrawing A Defense – Even If The Right Exists

"Claims Made" Insurers Take Notice:
Policy Language Deficient For "Relation Back" Argument

Unique Issue Regarding Duty To Defend A Class Action

Tapas: Small Dishes Of Insurance Coverage
• Ohio Supreme Court To Address Allocation
• South Carolina High Court Allows Insurer To Sue Defense Counsel For Malpractice
• PA Construction Defect: Indalex Controls Over Kvaerner (Product-Based Claim)
• Peach Clobber For Policyholder: Pollution Exclusion Applies To Welding Fumes
• WSJ: California Market For Homeowner's Policies Challenging
• Need For Insurer To Reserve Rights For Each Insured

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