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Vol. 8 - Issue 3
March 20, 2019


Contest: Obscure Claims Under A CGL Policy  
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In the course of my teaching duties at Temple Law School this semester, I have gone through many important provisions of a commercial general liability policy with the students.  Doing so has caused me to notice some terms that I have never even remotely thought about in all these years.  And I’m sure that’s the case for many long-time insurance professionals.

For example, I’ve never even come close to having a claim that involved any of the following provisions in a CGL policy:

  • The vending machine exception to the definition of “your product”
  • An “insured contract” on the basis of a sidetrack agreement
  • The exception to the aircraft exclusion for liability assumed under an “insured contract” for the ownership, maintenance or use of the aircraft.
  • Coverage for a bail bond, as a supplementary payment, for a “traffic law violation”
  • The “war exclusion” for purposes of a claim for “personal and advertising injury”

If anyone has ever been involved in a claim where one of these CGL policy provisions was in play, I’d love to hear about it.  The first two people who can tell me the details of such a claim will each get a copy of the 4th edition of Insurance Key Issues.  I know.  I know.  You could just make a story up.  But would anyone really do that?  We’re talking about a copy of an insurance book.  I’m not giving away a Tesla here folks.  I trust you.  Well, mostly.  I reserve the right to cross-examine any entrant if something doesn’t smell right.  
Get A Coverage Opinions Pen – Just Ask

I started out with hundreds.  I now have just ten Coverage Opinions pens sitting in a drawer.  If anyone wants one just ask.  The first ten people to reply will get the pen that will change their lives.  It’s as life changing as a squip (Broadway trivia). 
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