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Coverage Opinions
Effective Date: August 21, 2019
Vol. 8 - Issue 7
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Declarations: The Coverage Opinions Interview Kevin Mitnick – World's Most Famous Hacker
This issue's interview has a special twist – it first appeared as "The Weekend Interview" in The Wall Street Journal. Kevin Mitnick is the world's most famous hacker. He spent six years in federal prison for various hacking crimes. He now works as a "white hat," a hacker who is paid to break into companies' systems to find vulnerabilities that the real bad guys could exploit. Mitnick shared with me his thoughts on the recent surge in ransomware attacks, election hacking and how to stay safe online. Oh, and he hacked a computer in front of my eyes!

Randy Spencer's Open Mic
Insurance For Life's Petty Problems

Encore: Randy Spencer's Open Mic
Man Sues Dog: Court Finds That Insurer Has Duty To Defend German Shorthaired Pointer

Coming Soon (Finally): Insurance Key Issues Half-Price Sale

I Just Never Get Tired Of Saying This

50th Anniversary of Elvis In Vegas: The King Goes To Court

The Theory Of Evolution And The Practice Of Law

Answer To The Insurance Coverage Crossword Puzzle

Proof That Insurance Is Amazing!

New Coverage Opinions Series: Roadside America: Lawyer Style
See The World's Largest Warning Signs

Court Addresses The "Confusion Doctrine" And It's – You Guessed It…

Court Provides Rate Warning To Independent Counsel

Montrose Endorsement Does Not Apply: Injury And Damage Not Same Enough

Personal And Advertising Injury: Disparagement Of A Product Without Mentioning It

Appeals Court Says Coverage Counsel Cannot Be Adverse To Former Insurer Client

Dog Doody To Defend: Pooch Day Care Bites Landlord

Court Addresses Coverage For A Bank Robbery Gone Wrong

Tapas: Small Dishes Of Insurance Coverage
• No Latin Love: Court Declines To Apply Contra Proferentem 
• Billy Wilder's "Double Indemnity" Turns 75!

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