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January 30, 2013
The Coverage Opinions Super Bowl Commercial

Coverage Opinions is the official insurance coverage newsletter of Super Bowl XLVII. Kidding. Kidding. The NFL would sue Mother Teresa faster than you can say help the poor if she claimed to be the official missionary of the Super Bowl. Those guys have no sense of humor when it comes to things like that.

While Coverage Opinions is not the official anything of the Super Bowl, it is not without a connection. It is running a commercial during this year’s big game. I must say, it was harder to make this happen than I expected. First, there was some clause in Danica Patrick’s contract with Go Daddy that prevented her from also serving as the Coverage Opinions Girl. It was unfortunate. She loved the script. She loved me. She was very disappointed. Plan B didn’t fare any better. Who knew those Clydesdales could be so expensive. I thought I could get them for some oats – and worse case toss in some carrots if they played hardball. Not to be. They wanted money. Like they would know what to do with it.

In the end, after looking at a ton of story boards, we settled on this one. An insurance coverage lawyer will be seen walking out of the courtroom. He is disheveled and looks like he just got beat up badly by a judge. Standing in the hallway is a young boy. The boy looks up at the downtrodden lawyer and nervously says to him “I just want you to know that I think you’re the best ever.” The boy timidly tries to hand the lawyer a copy of Coverage Opinions. But the lawyer, with much else on this mind, wants no part of it. Still, he takes it anyway after the boy insists. The lawyer spends a second looking at the cover of the newsletter. It is clear from his now changed expression that he had an epiphany; all of the problems with his case have been solved. The young boy had begun to walk away. The lawyer calls out to him and says “Hey kid, catch” and tosses him his wrinkled tie. The boy catches it and says “You see, Coverage Opinions tells you what it means Joe.”

That’s my time.

I’m Randy Spencer.

Contact Randy Spencer at Randy.Spencer@coverageopinions.info

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