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Vol. 9 - Issue 2
February 26, 2020


Contest Results Are In: Please Help To Solve An Argument Between My Wife And Me


In the last issue of Coverage Opinions I asked readers to please help me solve an argument with my wife over the legality of a parking spot. 

In general, a sign in a municipal lot near my house stated that it was open for public parking after 4 PM.  Another sign, just feet away, stated that a certain spot was reserved for the fire chief.  So the debate between my wife and me was whether the fire chief’s spot was available for public parking after 4 PM.  Or was the fire chief’s spot an exception to the 4 PM rule.

I said no way you can park in the fire chief’s spot after 4 PM.  My wife concluded that you absolutely can.

So in the last issue I included pictures of the two signs and asked CO readers to vote for who is right.  The full article is here:  https://www.coverageopinions.info/Vol9Issue1/Contest.html

Dozens of responses came in.  There were two overwhelming consensuses: (1) You definitely cannot park in the fire chief's spot after 4 PM; and (2) Happy Wife = Happy Life.  Therefore, yes, you definitely can park in the fire chief's spot after 4 PM. 

I also stated that the funniest response would get a copy of Insurance Key Issues.  The winner is Carrie Van Hoff, AVP and Senior Coverage Counsel with Zurich in Schaumburg, Illinois with this response:

“As we all know, the language of the endorsement changes the policy and controls. The parking lot sign is the policy – the fire chief spot is the site specific endorsement. The fire chief’s spot is reserved all the time. Don’t park in that spot. (Of course, if you have further information that might affect our analysis, please feel free to direct it to the undersigned.)”

There were lots of funny responses, but the last line clinched it for Carrie. 

BTW, my wife scoffed at the vote results.




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