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Vol. 9 - Issue 1
January 8, 2020


Contest: Please Help To Solve An Argument Between My Wife And Me

Cast Your Vote For Who Is Right

These 2 signs are located very close to each other in the parking lot.

Last month my wife, Lisa, and I had a friendly argument over the legality of a parking spot.  We were headed to dinner near our home in Ardmore, Pennsylvania and I pulled into the Lower Merion township municipal lot on Lancaster Avenue.  The conversation then went like this:

Lisa:  There you go.  Pull into there.  [Lisa pointing to an open spot.]

Randy:  I can’t.  It says it’s reserved for the fire chief.

Lisa: But it’s after 4 P.M.  The whole lot is open to the public after 4.

Randy: Yeah, but that doesn’t include the fire chief’s spot.

Lisa: Sure it does.  The fire chief’s spot is no different from any other spot.       

Randy:  No.  The blue sign provides general provisions.  The fire chief’s sign is specific.  The specific applies over the general.  The lot is open to the public after 4, but the fire chief’s spot is an exception.

Lisa: You are so wrong.  And, my mother was right.  I should have married Marvin Greenbaum.  [She didn’t say that last part.  But she probably thought it.]    


In the end, we did not park in the fire chief’s spot.   We had a lovely dinner – discussing the fire chief’s spot for an hour.   

So, I am asking you, dear Coverage Opinions readers, to decide who is right.  Can you park in the fire chief’s spot after 4 P.M.?  Please reply with your vote – Yes or No.
Contest: Feel free to add something funny to your reply.  Best response will get a copy of Insurance Key Issues

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