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Vol. 4, Iss. 10
October 28, 2015

Of Pizza And Definitions (Part 2)






In the last issue of Coverage Opinions I noted a sign, on the register at New York Pizza Suprema, my favorite pizza place, that caught my eye. When it comes to insurance coverage, definitions are everything. So, as one attuned to such things, this sign, providing a very specific definition of the word “immediately,” made me chuckle.





I was back at New York Pizza Suprema a couple of weeks ago. And there was another sign. Once again the folks at NYPS are busy defining things. This time the pizza guys want to leave no doubt just how much dough must be spent to use a credit card. Policyholder lawyers will definitely appreciate this sign, since they believe that nothing is ever written clearly enough..

[By the way, I checked out 15 USC 16930-2(b)(3). I couldn’t find it. I did find 15 USC 1693(2)(B)(3) which has something to do with consumer protections and compliance costs associated with electronic banking. The next time I’m in NYPS I’ll say: two plain and what’s 15 USC 16930-2(b)(3) mean?]

Incidentally, New York Pizza Suprema (8th Avenue and 31st Street – one minute from Penn Station if you make the light at 8th) was featured in a front page Wall Street Journal story in 2011, as the only pizza place to receive a perfect score from a pizza blogger who sampled a slice -- over a two and a half year period -- at all 362 “slice joints” in Manhattan. Look it up. It’s a great story.]

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