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Vol. 9 - Issue 7
October 30, 2020


Thank You To Those Who Attended The “Coverage Opinions Greatest Hits” Virtual Presentation


Thank you to all who attended my session on October 22nd at the 14th Annual White and Williams Coverage College.  I presented “Coverage Opinions Greatest Hits.”
I’m very selective in the cases that I choose to address in CO.  They generally need to provide a lesson for insurers or have the potential to influence other courts or have something novel about them.  The overarching test is this -- I ask myself: Will the reader find this case interesting or useful?  

In this W&W Coverage College session, I reviewed some of the best cases, over the past several years from Coverage Opinions, that satisfied this selection criteria.  The cases were wide-ranging and included some of the most unique addressing all manner of issues, such as the following:

  • Most Ridiculous Argument Ever Made For Coverage – Will Never Be Topped
  • Solving The Dispute Over The Rate To Pay Independent Counsel
  • One Insurer Settles A Claim.  Can That Fact Be Used By A Different Insured, Against A Different (Non-Settling) Insurer, As Evidence Of Bad Faith?
  • Insurer Has Right To Settle.  But Insured Refuses To Sign The Settlement Agreement: Now What?
  • Insurer Excludes Products Coverage And Pays $1,000,000 For Products Claim
  • Coverage Counsel Authors Insurer’s Letters -- Leads To Waiver of Attorney-Client Privilege
  • Choice of Law: Is the Answer Different for Bad Faith?
  • and lots more….

The presentation was well-received.  I’d like to reprise it one of these days as a stand-alone webinar.

Thanks again to all who attended.


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