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Vol. 9 - Issue 7
October 30, 2020


Covid-19 Coverage Litigation Scorecard


When the first few Covid-19 coverage litigation decisions came down it was easy to keep track of them.  Then an avalanche of decisions came tumbling down and the task became much more difficult.  And that is only going to continue and the challenge grow.  For those looking for effortless, one-stop shopping, to get the latest rundown on these judicial decisions, there is no better place than the “Covid Coverage Litigation Tracker,” run by Penn Law School’s Professor Tom Baker.

The Litigation Tracker started out keeping score of the Covid-19 coverage litigation filings, setting out a slew of statistics, including the number of filings on a weekly basis, types of claims being asserted, class action status, law firms bringing the cases, insurance companies named as defendants, the policy forms at issue and so on and so on. 

Then, as judicial decisions were issued, the Litigation Tracker turned its attention to keeping a running list of them and their outcomes.  To see the Covid-19 coverage litigation scorecard, check out this page on the University of Pennsylvania Law School’s “Covid Coverage Litigation Tracker:” 



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