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Vol. 9 - Issue 7
October 30, 2020


Contest: The Most Interesting Insurance Man Or Woman In The World

Win An Autographed Copy Of John Grisham’s Just-Released Book: “A Time For Mercy”

Most Popular Coverage Opinions Contest Ever!


I have an autographed copy of “A Time For Mercy,” John Grisham’s just-released book [currently #1 on The New York Times best sellers list for fiction].  The story features the return of Jake Brigance, the lawyer who starred in Grisham’s first book “A Time to Kill” and then “Sycamore Row.” 

I’d love to give it away as a prize in a Coverage Opinions contest.

Way back in November 2013 I did a column about the “Most Interesting Insurance Man in the World.”  It was a take-off on the suave, handsome, smoking jacket-wearing bearded man in the Dos Equis beer commercials.  At the end he provides his trademark line: stay thirsty, my friend. 

In that column I explained that, if there were a “Most Interesting Insurance Man in the World,” these are some of the things he would do:

  • He doesn’t consider notice to be late if it was only fashionably late.
  • He thinks is would be tacky to seek reimbursement of defense costs.  
  • He goes to a bar to investigate a liquor liability claim and buys everyone a drink.
  • Every party at a mediation wants him to be in their breakout room. 
  • He describes a duty to defend as a pleasure to defend.
  • He disclaims coverage under the pollution exclusion and then goes to the site and cleans it up himself.
  • His choice of law problem is between France and Monaco.

Contest: Tell me something insurance-related that the Most Interesting Insurance Woman or Man in the World would say or do.

Best answer will win the autographed copy of “A Time For Mercy.”  And honorable mentions will get a Coverage Opinions pen.  Better than nothing.  Well, maybe.  [And, as noted above, in light of the popularity of this contest, I am going to dig up a bunch a copies of Insurance Key Issues to give away as additional prizes.] 

Deadline to enter – November 13.  Send as many entries as you’d like.

Please note that there is no “link” to enter, as some people ask.  Just reply to this email.  CO is a one man band, low-budget operation.  And you don’t pay for this fine publication, I’ll remind you.  So there is nothing in the budget for a fancy, hi-tech contest-entry feature.             

No purchase necessary.  Employees of Coverage Opinions are not eligible.  Void where prohibited (I love saying that).


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