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Vol. 8 - Issue 9
November 6, 2019


Insurance Haiku Contest

Win An Autographed John Grisham Book


It’s time for another Insurance Haiku Contest! 

What an amazing prize for the winner - an autographed copy of “The Guardians,” John Grisham’s just-released legal thriller that is currently #1 on The New York Times best seller list for fiction.

I interviewed John a couple of weeks back about his new book. And he was kind enough sign a copy of “The Guardians” for a CO contest! Signed Grisham books are not common as he has done just one book tour in the past 25 years!

“The Guardians” is fantastic!  75% of the Amazon reviews are 5 stars.  It is a classic Grisham thriller.  A burned out public defender travels the country seeking to get the wrongly convicted exonerated.  Of course, lots of twists and turns along the way.

The Insurance Haiku Contest is a strange thing.  It takes the most effort to enter compared to other CO contests.  Yet I get the most entries.  That tells me one thing.  CO readers want to be challenged.  Caption contest?  Phooey.  Insurance license plates?  Pleeze.  Juvenile.  We want haikus.  Make us have to work!

Second prize is a copy of Insurance Key Issues.  Any honorable mentions will get an amazing Coverage Opinions pen.  I found a few extras lying around.     

So send in your haiku(s) (using the 5-7-5 format) that have something to do with insurance coverage.           

If your response to the word Haiku is to say Gesundheit, do not worry.  Just look it up and in minutes you’ll know all you need to get started.  Trust me.  The best part about Haiku is that you can’t tell the difference between the work of a great master or a 6 year old.

Enter as many times as you’d like.  Deadline: November 15.  No purchase necessary. Coverage Opinions employees are not eligible.  Void where prohibited.     

Some past wining insurance haikus:

The insured did what?
Intentional, on purpose!
Not an occurrence

Oh my policy
All I do not understand
But still it will rule

What, no insurance?
That is quite impossible
Premium was paid.

Coverage question
Exclusions limitations
Reservation rights

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