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Vol. 8 - Issue 9
November 6, 2019


I am excited to report that this issue marks the 7th Anniversary of Coverage Opinions.  In traditional terms, that’s the copper anniversary.  On the modern list, 7th is the desk set anniversary.  I swear I’m not making that up.  The desk set anniversary.  Check it out.  If you are thinking about a gift, I could use a new kettle, as well as some new toilet pipes.  Either one is fine.  I don’t need a desk set, but thanks anyway. 

Of course, there could be no seven-year anniversary to mark if it were not for you – the dear Coverage Opinions reader. I can’t thank CO readers enough for taking the time to do so, despite having such busy schedules and being inundated with other newsletters, and the like, competing for their time.

I also appreciate all of the reader email that I receive – mostly positive, but sometimes taking me to task for something I said or didn’t say -- and that’s fine too. I am also lucky for the friendships that I have made with CO readers who reached out about something they saw.  Drop me a note.  I’ll respond.  I’ll be happy to do so.  

Please accept my sincere appreciation for enabling me to send a Coverage Opinions seven-year anniversary announcement.

Comments, questions, criticism, hate mail, how’s my driving, ideas for making Coverage Opinions better -- I’m all ears. Please write to me at maniloff@coverageopinions.info.



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