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Vol. 8 - Issue 8
September 25, 2019


Roadside America: Lawyer Style

The World’s Largest Warning Signs


As I’ve mentioned in the last couple of issues of Coverage Opinions, there is a new feature – “Roadside America: Lawyer Style.” 

It showcases various of the world’s largest objects.  And since giant things can sometimes mean giant risks, each of the gargantuan objects will be accompanied by an appropriately-sized massive warning sign to keep visitors safe and lawyers at bay. 

Just so there’s no misunderstanding about how this works, the giant objects are real.  You can go see them for yourselves.  But the warning signs are not.  They are make-believe -- depictions of what the warning sign would be, if there were a former insurance adjuster, defense lawyer, coverage lawyer, risk manager or any other nervous Nellie in charge of the site.

In case you missed last issue’s “Roadside America: Lawyer Style,” you can check it out here 
World’s Largest Knitting Needles

The 2019 Guinness Book of World Records features the world’s largest knitting needles.  The needles, a creation of Betsy Bond, a then senior art student at Wiltshire College in Southwest, England, are 14 feet 6.33 inches long and 3.54 inches in diameter.
Now, you might be thinking that young Betsy also created the world’s largest big deal.  After all, it’s just a couple of long sticks, right?  But not so fast.  Those Guinness people are real taskmasters.  To be declared the world’s largest knitting needles, they needed to actually work.  Specifically, Betsy was required to use them to knit 10 stitches and 10 rows of yarn.   

Betsy said: “I did quite a lot of research. I kept rethinking, redrawing and redesigning.”  The needless were ultimately made from hollow plastic tubes (polypipe) with 3D printed plastic points and knobs.

Congratulations Betsy!  I’m sure you were the toast of Wiltshire College and no doubt lots of people come to visit your recording breaking knitting needles.  But lost in all this hoopla may be the serious risks posed by 14 foot long knitting needles.  This is why, for Betsy’s graduate school project, she created the world’s largest Don’t Poke Your Eye Out warning sign.


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