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Vol. 8 - Issue 6
July 10, 2019


Wagging Tail Coverage: Meet The Newest Four-Legged Reader Of Coverage Opinions


I know.  There should be a law against using a dog as click bait.  Well, at least I didn’t say “puppy” in the title.  I could have.  That would be double the punishment. 

Meet five-month old Gracie Jane, my family’s newest addition.  Not long ago Gracie was roaming the streets of the Caribbean island of Anguilla.  Now she is chewing slippers in the suburbs of Philadelphia.  She loves it here.  But let’s see how her Caribbean lineage does when it’s 9-degrees outside.  Should have read the fine print, she’ll no doubt be thinking.              

Of course I introduced her to insurance coverage.  She had two reactions.

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