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Vol. 8 - Issue 6
July 10, 2019


Roadside America: Lawyer Style
Don’t Miss The World’s Largest Warning Sig


Summer is here.  And that means family road trips.  And no road trip would be complete without stops along the way to see the best of America’s quirks and curiosities.  Often these are things boasted to be the world’s largest of something.  There is the always-popular world’s largest ball of twine in Cawker, Kansas.  If you’ll be in Montana, don’t miss the world’s largest frying pan in Libby.  Bealeton, Virginia offers the world’s largest roller skate.  And, for you sports fans, a trip to Casey, Illinois will bring you face to face with the world’s largest golf tee.

If you stop by Ishpeming, Michigan you can see for yourself the world’s largest working chainsaw: “Big Gus,” which is 23 feet long and powered by a V-8 engine.  According to Roadside America, the experts on all things quirky sightseeing, the “large chain cycles with a terrifying rumble,” even when held back from being revved it up to “forest hewing velocity.”  Roadside America reports that the owner of the attraction worries about the chain flying off onto the highway.

That sure seems like a valid concern.  That’s why I suggest that another Roadside America-worthy attraction be added next to “Big Gus” – the world’s largest warning sign.  So, if that chain ever does fly across Highway 41, and causes all manner of injury and destruction, those responsible for “Big Gus” can maintain that its 9 foot tall warning sign protects them from liability.  And, of course, for an added protection, they can always get a 14 foot tall CGL policy.

Here is “Big Gus” with an artist’s rendering of the world’s largest affirmative defense:

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