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Vol. 8 - Issue 6
July 10, 2019


Introducing The New Coverage Opinions Logo


Last month, The Wall Street Journal reported that Europe’s second highest court ruled that Adidas’s three stripes are not a trademark.  The court ruled that Adidas had not offered sufficient evidence that its parallel stipes were a mark of “distinctive character” worthy of protection.  The court concluded that the three stripes were too basic a pattern to be considered a trademark.

I was surprised by the decision.  Granted, I know nothing about European trademark law.  But Adidas’s three stripes sure seem like a trademark to me.  That’s my test for a trademark – does it seem like one?

I’ve always been a big fan of Adidas sneakers.  Stop by my house and you’ll see Sambas and Stan Smiths in my closet.  So, with the thee stripes now being fair game, I’ve decided to update the Coverage Opinions logo.       

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