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Vol. 8 - Issue 11
December 18, 2019


Coverage Opinions “Hormone Hunter” Story Reprinted By The Savannah Bar Newsletter


I had so much fun getting to know Savannah lawyer Arnold Young while putting together an article in the last issue about his former colorful partner, Colonel E. Ormonde (“Hormone”) Hunter.  Arnold brought Hormone Hunter to my attention when he shared with me that the Colonel once handled a case -- 1954 -- where he obtained coverage for property damage caused by a squirrel.

The Colonel’s argument was that the squirrel could not possibly be “vermin,” for purposes of a policy exclusion, when it has “long been well considered and much thought of as a pet and an attractive addition to the scenery of any city, garden, or country yard” and praised as a “shining example to mankind of industry and thrift.”  [I love this part about the Colonel giving the squirrel credit for the lesson it teaches from collecting acorns for the winter.]   

I was delighted when Arnold informed me that The Citation, the Savannah Bar newsletter, reprinted the Hormone Hunter story.  You can check it out here.
I’ve never been to Savannah (my loss).  I need to do that.  My wife has mentioned it.  I’ve always wanted to see the Bird Girl statue that appears on the cover of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.  Arnold assured me that there’s lots more than that to see and do in Savannah and that, even as a Yankee, I’d be warmly welcomed – so long as I promise to think and speak right! 

Thanks again to Arnold for sharing The Citation reprint with me.


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