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Vol. 7 - Issue 9
December 19, 2018


Three Thanksgiving -- Insurance Coincidences

This was crazy: three Thanksgiving-related insurance coincidences took place just days before the holiday. 

On November 15, the Eastern District of North Carolina issued its decision in Great American E&S Ins. Co. v. Butterball, No. 18-113 (Nov. 15, 2018).  At issue was coverage for an environmental pollution claim under a policy that provides coverage for premises environmental liability.  Unknown liquids were leaking from tanks and the total remediation costs were going to be $3,500,000.  The decision in the declaration judgment was purely procedural – a forum fight as Butterball and the insurer had each filed their own coverage action. 

Then, the week before Thanksgiving, I received a homeowner’s insurance offer in the mail from Plymouth Rock Assurance.


But wait, the Thanksgiving coincides don’t stop there.  The last issue of Coverage Opinions, in the “Randy Spencer’s Open Mic” column, mentioned Plymouth Rock Assurance, joking that all it did was insure Thanksgiving-related risks.
Oh, to answer your question – where do you go to get back the time you lost reading this?  You don’t.  Sorry. 

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