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Vol. 7 - Issue 9
December 19, 2018


As much as I think Insurance Key Issues should be considered the most important legal source since the Ten Commandments, I do know its rightful place amongst such things.  Deep down I know it’s just a sleepy insurance law book.  The fact that it is usually ranked somewhere around the 4,000th best-selling Law book on Amazon, out of the many thousands offered for sale, seems about right.     

But thanks to the huge popularity of the “Cyber Week” sale – 50% Off -- Key Issues rocketed to #21 on the Amazon best seller list for Law books.  It didn’t stay there long – but for a time it was breathing the same air as real law books.  Thank you CO readers!   

With this kind of excitement for the Cyber Week sale I am delighted to announce that it has been extended through year-end.

Insurance Key Issues provides in-depth 50 state surveys (plus D.C.) of 20 of the most important liability coverage issues (and about half of the issues are relevant to professional liability claims as well as GL).  At close to 1,000 pages, these are not charts or one-line answers as some 50 state surveys are.
To learn more about the book, and to order, visit the Insurance Key Issues website:



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