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Vol. 7, Iss. 6
July 18, 2018


Congratulations Dan Abrams – CO Interviewee’s New Book Makes NYT List And His Show Hits #1

The last issue of Coverage Opinions featured my interview with Dan Abrams, ABC News’s chief legal analyst. I spoke with Dan about his many projects, including his just-released book -- Lincoln’s Last Trial – The Murder Case That Propelled Him to the Presidency. The book offers a fascinating study of Lincoln’s 24-year career as a lawyer. Its centerpiece is a detailed account of Lincoln’s defense, just fourteen months before his 1860 election as President, of a man accused of stabbing another to death. The text has its genesis in a hand-written transcript of the trial -- discovered in 1989, wrapped in a ribbon, in a mouse-chewed shoe box in a garage. This rare find enabled Dan and his co-author to uniquely showcase Lincoln’s courtroom presence.

Congratulations to Dan on Lincoln’s Last Trial spending a few weeks on The New York Times Bestseller list!

Dan Abrams also hosts “Live PD” on Friday and Saturday nights on A&E. The show places its viewers into the passenger seats of police cars in several urban and rural cities, offering a real-time look at the work of law enforcement. Viewers witness live police stops. Needless to say, there is no predictability of what each one may bring.

On more than one occasion lately, “Live PD” has been the #1 rated show on cable television. Congratulations Dan!

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