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Vol. 7, Iss. 5
June 6, 2018


Winners Of The Insurance Coverage Haiku Contest

Well that was a surprise. Based on past experience I had been expecting 10 entries in the insurance coverage haiku contest. Instead I received 125 or so. [No doubt the offer to send all entrants a fantabulous Coverage Opinions pen is what got so many people’s creativity going.]

With all those entries I decided to name four winners instead of two. Even that was no easy task. Here they are:

Dude owned the Lakers
Tried to get his money back
Repaid some instead
Stephen Berry

Not covered all years?
Pro rata seems to make sense
But terms say all sums
Jeffrey Davis
Quarles & Brady LLP

A tie goes to the runner
Insured is runner
Pam Touchstone
Stacy Conder Allen LLP

And, as discussed in the last issue of CO, there was an early winner:

At first, Principles
But they’re aspirational
Restatements change law
Lance D. Meyer
O’Meara Leer Wagner & Kohl, P.A.


I sure have a lot of Coverage Opinions pens to mail out. I need to order more in fact. Give me a little time to order them and get them out the door. It’s worth the wait. Past Coverage Opinions pen recipients have described it as life-altering.

The Coverage Opinions Prize Patrol will be delivering copies of the 4th edition of Insurance Key Issues to these insurance coverage bards

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