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Vol. 7, Iss. 5
June 6, 2018


Insurance Key Issues: This Is What Makes The Book Unique

50-state surveys of liability coverage issues are not unique. But there are two things that make them unique in Insurance Key Issues:

• All of the 50-state surveys – which are extremely current -- are conveniently available in one location.

• At nearly 1,000 pages covering 20 issues, the extent of detail and case law is far more extensive than many 50-state surveys. There is often enough information to provide one-stop shopping to answer your question. If not, you’ll know exactly where to begin your additional research.

Check out these sample pages to see what I mean:


The Insurance Key Issues Promise: If you like Coverage Opinions, rest assured that the same effort has gone into Key Issues for the past ten years.

Visit the Insurance Key Issues website: http://insurancekeyissues.com

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