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Vol. 7, Iss. 3
April 11, 2018

Announcing The Winners Of The Insurance Key Issues NCAA Final Four Contest


In advance of the Final Four of the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Championship I invited Coverage Opinions readers to tell me the two teams that would play in the final game, the winner and the total points scored (without going over). The two entries with the most correct answers would receive a complimentary copy of the 4th Edition of Insurance Key Issues.

The response was incredible. The number of entries was so overwhelming that I had to pay someone to help manage them. It was like that episode of Star Trek where the Tribbles kept multiplying non-stop and became out of control.

Except for dealing with the administrative challenge, I was the real winner of the contest (cue the soppy music). I got to read some funny entries, some who provided analysis of their picks and some nice notes about Coverage Opinions and Key Issues. Thank you to all who entered and those who sent kind words. I tried to respond to them all, but it was overwhelming. Please do not hold it against me if I did not respond. Believe me, I appreciated it.

Now, to the winners of the Insurance Key Issues NCAA Final Four Contest:

Only one person got it all right – choosing the winner of all three games and getting the points in the final game (141) dead on. Congratulations to Ken Gorenberg of Barnes & Thornburg, LLP in Chicago. It is no surprise that Ken nailed it, as he provided a detailed analysis of his picks, based on certain city and school allegiances. As for the total points for the final game, Ken said: “In its [Villanova’s] two earlier title victories, the total scores averaged 140.5. This whole exercise is over the top, so it rounds up to 141.”

The Coverage Opinions Prize Patrol will be showing up at Ken’s door to present him with a copy of the 4th Edition of Insurance Key Issues. Congratulations!!

There were also five entries that tied for second with 140 points. The CO Prize Patrol will also be delivering copies of the 4th Edition of Insurance Key Issues to:

Donald J. Sonlin
Senior Vice President, Claim Officer
Chubb North America Claims
Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Barbara Laskaris
Assistant Vice President
Large Loss Specialist - Construction Defect Claims
Arch Insurance Group
San Francisco

Angela Paye, M.A.
Pauli-Shaw Insurance Agency
Arcata, California

Will Lehman, CPCU, ARM
Risk Manager
Cook Group Incorporated
Bloomington, Indiana

Richard Hartzen

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all who entered. And congratulations to Villanova! Their victory parade could be seen from my office window last week.

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