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Vol. 7, Iss. 3
April 11, 2018

Thank You For Making Insurance Key Issues The #1 New Release Law Book On Amazon


I am thrilled to report that the 4th Edition of General Liability Insurance Coverage - Key Issues In Every State debuted as the #1 "New Release" of all Laws Book on Amazon!

I didn’t buy any copies. And there are only so many I can get my mother to buy. So the only explanation for this successful launch is that Coverage Opinions subscribers made it happen. For this, Jeff and I are extremely grateful.

There is no satisfaction in writing a book (it's a slog and the economics make absolutely no sense). The only satisfaction comes from knowing that your peers are using it. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for providing this.

Insurance Key Issues is a unique 50-state survey book. The 4th Edition adds over 900 new cases - mostly from 2014 to 2017.

At close to 1,000 pages, Insurance Key Issues sets forth the rules that have been adopted by all 50 states, and the District of Columbia, for 20 important and commonly occurring general liability insurance coverage issues. And about half the issues are just as relevant for professional liability claims scenarios.

If you want an esoteric discussion of coverage, do not buy Insurance Key Issues. Buy a treatise. But if you just want to have the answers immediately at your fingertips, on the liability coverage issues that arise every day, then you'll be pleased with what Insurance Key Issues has to offer. The book provides significant details not always seen in 50 state surveys. Jeff and I would not have spent 10 years on a project unless we knew it was unique.

If you like Coverage Opinions, rest assured that the same effort has gone into Insurance Key Issues.

For more information visit the Insurance Key Issues website -- http://insurancekeyissues.com


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