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Vol. 7, Iss. 1
January 31, 2018

Spevacek-Maniloff NFC Championship Game Bet

With the Eagles and Vikings poised to do battle for the right to play in Super Bowl LII it was obvious that my friend Chuck Spevacek and I were going to make one of those goofy bets that friends in rival cities do. Chuck is with Minneapolis’s Meagher & Geer and a very talented coverage lawyer. But don’t take my word for it. He was voted “Best Coverage Lawyer in Minnesota” by Best Lawyers.

So Chuck and I made one of those bets. You know the kind -- the loser wears the winner’s jersey for a day or the loser sends the winner the loser’s city’s most famous food. I would have sent Chuck soft pretzels and he would have sent me….Well, I’m not sure what he would have sent me.

In any event, with the Eagles beating the Vikings, Chuck will have to pay up: At the cocktail party at this year’s DRI Insurance Conference in NYC, Chuck will be singing the Eagles Fight Song. And he’ll need to do it with real gusto -- do it like he means it. A three judge arbitration panel will be convened, from party attendees, to be sure that Chuck does not just phone it in. I’ll pick an arbitrator, Chuck will select an arbitrator and the two will choose a neutral. If anyone is interested in sponsoring the event, so it appears in the conference brochure, let me know.

See you in New York in December. Chuck says stay home and buy the materials.



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