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Vol. 6, Iss. 9
December 13, 2017

Check This Out: All Sorts Of Coverage Opinions-Related Things Make The News

In the past month or so there have been all sorts of things with a connection to Coverage Opinions that have made the news. All of these happening at once is really odd.

Ben Brafman Reps Harvey Weinstein
The September 13, 2017 issue of Coverage Opinions featured an interview with renowned criminal defense lawyer Ben Brafman. In early November, it was reported that Brafman was retained to represent Harvey Weinstein against possible sexual assault charges in New York.

The “Bee Girl” Gets Married
The October 11, 2017 issue of Coverage Opinions featured an interview with Rogers Stevens, guitarist for Blind Melon, the band that rose to stardom in 1992 after the video for its song “No Rain,” featuring a young girl in a bee costume, exploded on the MTV airways. It was reported that the “bee girl” – Heather Deloach, now 34 – was married in late October in San Diego. The flower arrangements were adorned with tiny golden bees and the flower girls wore antennae similar to what Deloach wore for the video.

The Tom Petty Coincidence
The October 11, 2017 issue of Coverage Opinions featured an interview with Judge Jonathan Goodman, of the Southern District of Florida, on the judge’s Tom Petty fandom and several-times use of Tom Petty song lyrics in his opinions. In early November newspapers published a cartoon, from Bizarro, featuring a judge on the bench, with eyes closed and headphones in his ears. A lawyer is standing before the bench and saying to the judge: “Excuse me, Your Honor. We all miss Tom Petty, but…we can hear you singing.”

Sluggerrr Gets Inducted Into The Mascot Hall Of Fame
My favorite Coverage Opinions case is the one involving the Kansas City Royals mascot Sluggerr, an adorable furry lion, who tossed a hotdog into the stands, hit a fan in the eye and caused serious injuries. It produced a litigation saga that went all the way to the Missouri Supreme Court on the issue of whether the fan assumed the risk and how getting hit by a flying hotdog compares to get hit by a foul ball. In early November Sluggerrr was inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame in Whiting, Indiana. He is only the fourth Major League Baseball mascot to enter those hallowed halls (Phillie Phanatic, Mr. Met and the Cleveland Indians’ Slider).

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