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Vol. 6, Iss. 8
October 11, 2017

Congratulations Justice Willett – Coverage Opinions Interviewee Nominated To Fifth Circuit
Congratulations To Justice Don Willett, of the Supreme Court of Texas, on his late-September nomination to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals by President Trump. Justice Willett, while a gifted opinion writer, is better known for his much shorter prose – as the leading judicial twitterer. He just surpassed a jaw-dropping 100,000 followers. Last year Justice Willett made President Trump’s list of candidates for nomination to SCOTUS. I had the privilege of interviewing Justice Willett for Coverage Opinions back in May 2014. At that time he had just 5,500 or so Twitter followers. It’s amazing what happens when you get interviewed by CO.

In conjunction with my interview of Justice Willett I set out 1,600 words making the case that he is the most important liability insurance coverage judge in America. That was obviously a non-scientific conclusion. However, I believe that the article was well-reasoned and methodical in explaining how I reached that conclusion.

The Fifth Circuit hands down a lot of liability coverage decisions – and they certify some to the Texas Supreme Court. Now Judge Willett can do that, as payback, to any former colleagues who took his yogurt from the Supreme Court’s lunch room refrigerator. We will soon get to see Justice Willett tackle coverage issues under Mississippi and Louisiana law, in addition to Texas. Congratulations to Justice Willett.

The Firth Circuit is based in New Orleans. NOLA has a lot of characters. It will soon have 140 more.

WSJ: Size of The Cyber Insurance Market
There has been so much written about the size and potential size of the cyber insurance market, with numbers all over the place, that I don’t know what to believe. But I trust The Wall Street Journal to get it right or choose the most reliable sources. So when the WSJ did a story on cyber insurance last month I felt confident in what I was reading. Here’s what the WSJ had to say about the size of the cyber insurance market: “The market for cyberinsurance has soared in the past several years. In June, Fitch Ratings said the industry grew by 35% in 2016, with total premiums of $1.35 billion. The ratings firm added that it ‘likely underestimates’ the industry’s size, because it is difficult to break out cyberinsurance coverage from multifaceted policies. Researchers from Allied Market Research predicted that demand for cyberinsurance will continue to boom in coming years, and forecast that the global market may reach $14 billion by 2022.”

WSJ: Hurricane Claims And The Need For More Adjusters
The Wall Street Journal had a fascinating article last month on the immense challenge that some insurers are facing to have enough adjusters to handle the massive number of claims created by the one-two punch of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma (now throw in Maria and Nate). The WSJ article details the ways that insurers are confronting the shortage and the significant income that some adjusters can make following a large scale claims event such as these hurricanes. I was pleased to have an opportunity to provide a quote for the story, here.


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