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Vol. 6, Iss. 8
October 11, 2017

ALI Restatement: White And Williams Hosting Major Industry Event At Its Annual Coverage College

Nearly 500 Registered, From 21 States And 120 Companies

The Time To Register Is Now! (Free For Those In The Industry)

As has been widely reported, the American Law Institute did not, as expected, vote on final approval of its “Restatement of the Law, Liability Insurance” at its annual meeting in May. Instead, in a surprise announcement, the ALI stated that another year of work would take place on the project. The plan now is to present a final draft to the ALI membership at the Institute’s next annual meeting in May 2018.

Despite this delay, the Institute’s membership still voted to approve all eleven of the new sections that were presented, as well as two revised sections. Further, this postponement of the final vote on the Restatement has not stopped at least nine courts from already citing it in opinions. Anyone who believes that there is no reason to become familiar with the Restatement, until it’s officially in the books, would be well-served to reconsider that.

So with the Restatement now squarely upon the liability insurance industry, the question on everyone’s mind is the same – how may it impact claims handling?

That question will be at the forefront of a panel discussion being held on Thursday, October 26th at the 11th annual White and Williams Coverage College in Philadelphia. White and Williams managing partner Patricia Santelle will moderate a discussion between two of the most important participants in the ALI’s Restatement of Liability Insurance – Professor Tom Baker, one of the Reporters for the Restatement and Laura Foggan, the American Insurance Institute’s Liaison for the Restatement.

Patti will guide Tom and Laura through a discussion of the “Life of a Claim,” as seen through the lens of the Restatement. The topics will include duty to defend, reservation of rights letters, settlement, declaratory judgment actions and bad faith.

This is a must-attend event for everyone whose work could be affected by the Restatement, which is to say every adjuster and lawyer – in-house and outside counsel -- who handles liability claims.

Indeed, that this is a must-attend event is borne out by the numbers. So far nearly 500 people are registered, from 21 states and 120 companies. Space is limited. If you are planning to attend, the time to register is now.

More information about the White and Williams Coverage College and the Restatement panel can be found here: www.coveragecollege.com

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