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Vol. 6, Iss. 3
March 22, 2017

The Most Unique Insurance Coverage Blog Out There

There are more insurance coverage blogs out there than Howdy Doody has freckles. They generally follow the same format – written posts, describing a recent decision in a coverage case, along with an explanation why it could have an impact on the coverage landscape in the future. And it makes sense that this would be the blog model of choice. Insurance coverage is highly case law-driven -- and new decisions rain down daily. Staying up to speed is a critical aspect of working in the area.

But then along came the Miller Friel Insurance Recovery Blog. The folks at this Washington, D.C. policyholder-side boutique firm didn’t get the how-to-blog memo. While Miller Friel’s lawyers convey some information via written posts, they mainly do so through four to six minute, highly professional, videos.

But that’s not the only thing that makes the Miller Friel blog unique. When the firm’s lawyers look into the camera their objective is not to discuss recent decisions in coverage cases. Rather, the content of the posts is much more general – discussing, in plain English, overarching coverage problems and scenarios faced by policyholders and ways in which solutions may be had. Recent video posts have addressed such issues as retroactive dates, things to know about excess policies, triggering multiple policy types for a single claim, panel counsel conflicts and the role of brokers in the claims process.

I suspect that Miller Friel resisted the traditional blogging model because the firm’s target audience is corporate executives and not other coverage lawyers. The blog’s intended readers have a coverage problem on their hands and need a coverage lawyer -- not a coverage lecture (at least not yet). Blog posts addressing the finer points of coverage cases have a lot of value. But there’s a time and place and audience and purpose for them.

The Miller Friel Insurance Recovery Blog -- millerfriel.com/blog -- is the most unique insurance coverage blog that I’ve seen. They get it. I highly recommend the blog both for its content and style. Not to mention, if you are considering starting a blog, which brings the huge challenge – and harder everyday -- of getting people to read it, taking a less-traditional approach may be something to consider.

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