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Vol. 5, Iss. 7
June 22, 2016

Insurance Is The Greatest Moment In U.S. Open History



The U.S. Open took place this past weekend near Pittsburgh and the trophy went to Dustin Johnson. There have been so many memorable moments in the history of this major golf tournament. There’s Tiger winning by 15 strokes in 2000. Payne Stewart beating Phil Mickelson on the last hole in 1999 -- and then Payne tragically dying four months later when his private plane depressurized in flight. In 1960 Arnold Palmer came from seven back on the last day to win. And on and on.

But the greatest U.S. Open moment of them all came in 2013, at Merion, outside Philadelphia, when the spectacular U.S. Open championship trophy (it has no name) had the opportunity to pose with an issue of Coverage Opinions. Justin Rose was the winner that year. He took one look at the prize and exclaimed: “Hey, what’s that trophy doing in the way?”



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